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China's Terracotta Warriors Shortens Distance between China, Thailand

I feel honored to witness the Terracotta warriors, the eighth wonder of the world, said Jariya Thanomtin, a 68-year-old Thai woman who used to work at the Thai national museum.

Source: Xinhua|2019-10-15 10:13

Two Large-scale Palace Relics Discovered in China

Chinese archaeologists have discovered two large-scale palace relics in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Source: Xinhua|2019-10-14 10:02

China to Announce New National-level Cultural Heritage Sites

China will soon announce the country's eighth group of 762 major cultural heritage sites to be put under national-level protection, according to China's National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA).

Source: Xinhua|2019-10-12 12:30

More Heritage Sites Are Listed for Protection

The State Council has approved China's eighth list of national cultural heritage sites under key protection, which includes 762 new entries, the National Cultural Heritage Administration told media in Beijing on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2019-10-11 11:09

'Red Cultures' Glitter at Chinese ACG Expo

Red cultures with the themes including patriotism and Chinese histories glittered at China International Comics Festival Expo, which was held in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province from Wednesday to Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-10-10 11:26

Culture Insider: 6 Things You may Not Know about Double Ninth Festival

The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival, which falls on Oct 7 this year.

Source:|2019-10-09 11:15

8 Things You May Not Know about Cold Dew

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Cold Dew, (Chinese: 寒露), the 17th solar term of the year, begins this year on Oct 8 and ends on Oct 23.

Source:|2019-10-08 09:47

Earliest Chinese Poetry Collection Unveiled

The earliest version of the Book of Songs in known existence was recently unveiled after Chinese researchers restored bamboo slips from 2,400 years ago.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-30 11:47

Traditional Game Marks New Era of Cultural Exchange

Go is like a mirror, if you allow yourself to look into it. You should accept all of your mistakes and realize how flawed your plans are and how inconsistent your ideas are, maybe see ideas you didn't even know. In daily life, you don't have that, descr

Source:|2019-09-29 10:01

Additional Sites to Get Protected Status

Another 762 places will be added to the list of major national-level protected historical and cultural sites, it was decided on Thursday at a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang.

Source: China Daily|2019-09-27 11:10

Cap on Number of Visitors for Prince Kung's Mansion Museum

A cap will be set for the number of daily visitors to Prince Kung's Mansion Museum in Beijing during the upcoming National Day holidays.

Source:|2019-09-26 11:18

China Releases Novel Collection to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of PRC Founding

China has recently published a collection of 70 novels to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-25 10:18

Yuanmingyuan Park Authorities Plan to Begin Restoration of 11 Cultural Relics

The administration of the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park announced on Friday that it plans to start the restoration of 11 cultural relics that were excavated from the remains in recent years.

Source:|2019-09-24 10:28

Book Fair in Xiamen Emphasizes Need for Cross-Straits Unity

China is moving to become a publishing power in the world, which provides a good opportunity for the development of the publishing industry on both sides of the Straits, said Wu Shulin, executive vice-president of the Publishers Association of China, on

Source: China Daily|2019-09-23 10:37

Archaeologists Determine Age of North China Prehistoric Settlement

A recent analysis has validated the exact age of a prehistoric settlement in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, local experts said Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-21 09:50

Chinese Artist Promotes Traditional Opera among Egyptian Audience

Chinese renowned opera artist Wang Quanzhen, head of Henan Opera House, held on Wednesday evening a lecture at the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo (CCC) to promote Henan Yu Opera in Egypt as part of cultural exchange between the two countries.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-19 11:52

Museums Partner to Issue 'Passport' to Vsitors

Over 70 Chinese museums have joined hands to release a passport-like cultural product in a bid to improve visitors' experience.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-19 11:14

Relics Returned from Overseas on Display in National Museum

As 1.4 billion people prepare to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, long-lost relics are on display to help honor the country's ongoing revitalization.

Source: China Daily|2019-09-18 08:56

Ancient Chinese Treasures on Display in Scotland

Dozens of ancient Chinese treasures including a rare Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) tankard and a 500-year-old cup that performs a practical joke are now on display at an exhibition in Scotland.

Source:|2019-09-17 09:27

Traditions You May Not Know about Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival in China after Chinese New Year.

Source:|2019-09-15 18:52

China to Host Intl Event of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The seventh International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage will be held in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, from Oct 17 to 22.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-12 09:59

Returned Bronzeware Adds to Historical Record

Eight lost pieces of Chinese bronzeware with a history of over 2,500 years were returned from Japan in August, the National Cultural Heritage Administration announced in a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2019-09-11 09:55

Xi Urges National Library to Stick to Correct Political Direction

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the National Library of China to stick to correct political direction and promote fine traditional culture.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-10 09:55

Foreign Photographers Invited to Record Beijing

Ten foreign photographers have been invited to record Beijing on their cameras, the Beijing Youth Daily reported Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-06 10:26

Northeast Asia Food Festival Held in NE China

The Northeast Asia Culture Tourism Food Festival opened Tuesday in the border city of Hunchun, northeast China's Jilin Province.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-05 10:56

New UNESCO Site Included in Textbooks

The ancient civilization of Liangzhu, China's latest cultural site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has had its history recorded in middle school textbooks that are being used during the new school year that started on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2019-09-04 10:16

Dunhuang Academy Cooperates with Forbidden City in Heritage Conservation

China's Dunhuang Academy, which administers the Mogao Grottoes, will team up with the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, in the field of heritage research and protection to promote cultural exchanges along the Silk Road.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-03 10:38

Chinese Books Translated to Mark 70th Anniversary of China-Mongolia Ties

An inauguration ceremony of the complete translations of three Chinese books was held here on Saturday as part of a China-Mongolia seminar on translation of literature.

Source: Xinhua|2019-09-02 10:50

Culture Ministers of China, Japan, S. Korea Discuss Cooperation

At the 11th China-Japan-South Korea Cultural Ministers' Meeting held here Friday, the three ministers of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (ROK) exchanged in-depth views on further promoting practical cooperation in cultural areas.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-31 10:22

Beijing Hosts Meet to Discuss Future of Academic Publishing

University publishers from home and abroad gathered in Beijing on Monday to discuss the past, present and future of academic publishing in a globalized, digitalized world.

Source:|2019-08-30 11:21

Shaanxi Fills Historic Role as Gateway

Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, Northwest China's Shaanxi province is actively participating in the Belt and Road Initiative to break new ground in its efforts to open up, the province's top official said on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2019-08-29 11:41

Revolutionary History and Culture Push Tourism Drive

When the national opera Yimeng Mountain debuted in Jinan in February, many in the audience were moved to tears because of Shandong province's close connection to the story.

Source: China Daily|2019-08-28 11:28

Tibet Sees Progress in Preserving Cultural Relics

Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has witnessed sustainable development with its cultural relic preservation work over the past 60 years, according to the region's bureau of cultural relics on Monday.

Source:|2019-08-27 11:30

Confucian Center Founded in Philosopher's Hometown

The Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies was founded on Sunday in Nishan, the ancient philosopher's birthplace, in eastern China's Shandong province in an effort to establish a research and study center for Confucianism with global appeal.

Source: China Daily|2019-08-26 11:03

Mogao Caves Look beyond Past to Focus on Cultural Heritage

When I first visited the famous Mogao Caves in Dunhuang 10 years ago, the beauty of the ancient Buddhist art was not the most moving part of the experience.

Source: China Daily|2019-08-23 10:45

China's First Simulation Laboratories to Help Protect Cultural Relics

Research laboratories that could simulate environmental conditions surrounding historical sites and relics have been put into operation, helping Chinese researchers in their cultural heritage protection endeavors.

Source: CGTN|2019-08-22 11:17

Xi Calls for Preserving Quintessence of Chinese Culture

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has called for well preserving the quintessence of Chinese culture.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-21 11:35

180 Paleontologists Worldwide Appeal for Fossil Protection in NE China

An international forum on fossil protection was held Sunday in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, attracting over 180 paleontologists worldwide, according to the organizer.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-20 11:02

1,300-yr-old Epitaph Found in N China Province

An epitaph dating back over 1,300 years has been found in Linxi County in north China's Hebei Province, local authorities said.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-19 10:33

Private Museum Boom Highlights Diversity of Chinese Culture

At about 8 pm every night, one hour after his dinner, 45-year-old Xie Zhongguo opens his computer and searches for new items to exhibit at his Liu Sanjie cultural museum.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-16 10:28

9,000-year-old Settlement Unearthed in Zhejiang

Colored potteries, tombs and a skeleton were excavated in a Neolithic settlement, dating back 9,000 years, in east China's Zhejiang Province, according to local authorities.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-15 14:38

Yixing Ceramic Cultural and Arts Festival to Start on Oct 18

The 10th Yixing International Ceramic Culture and Arts Festival will kick off on Oct 18 and run through to the end of the month in Jiangsu province's Yixing, a city which is often hailed as the capital of ceramics in China, it was announced a media conf

Source:|2019-08-14 11:10

Chinese Online Literature Favors More Realistic Themes

Up to 65 percent of online literary works were about realistic themes, a 24-percent increase year on year, according to a report on the development of Chinese online literature in 2018.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-13 10:21

Kazak Restaurateur's Passion Produces Cultural Harvest

Music interrupts the conversation of contented diners as dancers dressed in traditional Kazak and Uygur costumes invite the restaurant's customers to put down their cutlery and dance. The waiters and waitresses set down their trays and join in.

Source: China Daily|2019-08-12 09:46

Shanghai Eyes Boosting Nighttime Cultural and Tourism Activities

Shanghai unveiled a list of cultural activities and tour routes to boost its nighttime economy on Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-09 11:14

Lishui City to Implement Regulation on Traditional Village Preservation

Legislative measures will be taken to protect the largest traditional village cluster in eastern China's Zhejiang province, local authorities said Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-07 11:39

National Summer Camp for Restoration of Cultural Relics Held at Palace Museum

A six-day national summer camp on the restoration of cultural relics recently concluded at the Palace Museum in Beijing, China's former imperial palace also known as the Forbidden City.

Source:|2019-08-06 11:23

Six Chinese Cities Vie for 2020 Culture City of East Asia

A final review meeting for selecting China’s Culture City of East Asia for 2020 took place in Beijing on Aug 1.

Source:|2019-08-05 11:28

Bringing the History of Shanghai University Museums to the World

An exhibition about the history of Shanghai university museums was held at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom from July 18 to 22.

Source: China Daily|2019-08-02 10:40

China Launches Crackdown on Cultural Relic Crimes

China's police and cultural relic authorities have launched a five-month crackdown campaign on cultural relic-related crimes.

Source: Xinhua|2019-08-01 09:52

Tibet relics to be exhibited in Beijing

Thousands of kilometers lie between the Forbidden City in Beijing, China's imperial palace complex from 1420 to 1911, and the Tashihunpo Monastery in Shigatse, the Tibet autonomous region, built in 1447 and now the seat of the Panchen Lama, a Tibetan spir

Source: China Daily|2019-07-31 10:09

4,300-yr-old Jade Disk Discovered in E China

A jade disk which dates back to the Liangzhu civilization more than 4,300 years ago has been unearthed in East China's Zhejiang province.

Source: Xinhua|2019-07-30 10:58

29th National Book Expo Attracts Thousands with Speakers, Forums

Two hours after the 29th National Book Expo opened in Xi'an's Qujiang International Exhibition Center on Saturday, 200 sets of two-volume thriller The Longest Day in Chang'an were sold out.

Source: China Daily|2019-07-29 10:31

Palace Museum Publishes Fantastic Beasts Book Collection

The Palace Museum of China dived in their records and from that mission was created a new series of children's books, focused on real and imaginary creatures.

Source: CGTN|2019-07-26 19:05

Milestones of Millennia: Role of Jade in China History Explored

A new exhibition at the Palace Museum provides a panoramic view of the role played by jade in 5,000 years of Chinese culture, Wang Kaihao reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-07-25 15:48

7 Things You May Not Know about Major Heat

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Heat, (Chinese: 大暑), the 12th solar term of the year, begins this year on July 23 and ends August 6.

Source:|2019-07-24 17:02

Sino-Europe Confucius Summer Camp Held

More than 1,000 students and teachers from 31 Confucius Institutes in 16 Central and Eastern European countries gathered in Beijing Language and Culture University on Monday for the opening ceremony of the 2019 CEEC Confucius Institute Summer Camp.

Source:|2019-07-23 16:20

Envelope Celebrates Chinese Friendship with Russia

The unveiling ceremony for the China-Russia commemorative envelope took place Friday at the Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office building in Beijing.

Source:|2019-07-22 17:11

Disney's Mulan Trailer Makes Waves

Monday was absolutely a big day for Mulan fans and fans of Chinese actress Liu Yifei because Disney finally dropped the teaser trailer for the live-action remake of the 1998 animated classic, with Liu playing the title role.

Source:|2019-07-19 18:33

Palace Museum Unveils Digital Products for Cultural Promotion

BEIJING -- The Palace Museum has unveiled a number of upgraded and newly developed digital products to promote the rich history and culture it represents.

Source: Xinhua|2019-07-18 16:59

Farmer Keeps Art of Bamboo Balancing Alive

On the wide, misty Xin'an River surrounded by lush green mountains, Fang Shuyun balances in the water on a bamboo pole.

Source: China Daily|2019-07-17 16:03

Exhibit Reveals Tubo's Role in Silk Road

A major exhibition examining the pivotal role played by the Tibetan Tubo regime in the Silk Road era is breaking new ground, Wang Kaihao reports in Dunhuang.

Source: China Daily|2019-07-16 17:23

All You Need to Know about Liangzhu Culture

All you need to know about Liangzhu Culture.

Source:|2019-07-15 10:35

World Heritage Committee Closes Baku Session, Adding 29 New Sites

The 43rd session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee wrapped up here on Wednesday, with a total of 29 new sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, according to Azerbaijan's state new

Source: Xinhua|2019-07-12 11:34

360,000 People Participate in Online Crowdfunding for Great Wall Protection

In less than three years, about 360,000 internet users have donated more than 45 million yuan (about $6.54 million) to renovate and repair the Great Wall through a crowdfunding campaign, the Beijing Daily reported Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-07-11 11:45

China to Better Protect Newly Elected World Heritage Liangzhu City

China has pledged to put more efforts in protecting the country's newly inscribed UNESCO World Heritage -- Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, according to the country's top cultural heritage official.

Source: Xinhua|2019-07-09 12:07

Newly-elected World Heritage Liangzhu City Opened to the Public

The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City near Hangzhou city in East China's Zhejiang province has finally opened to the public, after it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site on Saturday, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Source:|2019-07-08 14:02

Exhibition on Ancient Kingdom Opens in Dunhuang

An exhibition on the Tibetan Tubo Kingdom (about 618-842) opened in the city of Dunhuang, northwest China's Gansu Province Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-07-05 10:24

Talk in Egypt Shows Flair of Classic Chinese Fashion

As a part of series for Egypt's 2019 China Tourism and Culture Week, the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo hosted a lecture on classic styles and fashion of Chinese costumes on June 29.

Source:|2019-07-04 10:16

Cultural Heritage in Spotlight at Summer Davos in Dalian

Dalian Night,a key cultural program featuring a gala and delicacies held July 1, spiced up the ongoing 2019 Summer Davos held from July 1-3 in Northeast China's coastal city Dalian.

Source:|2019-07-03 10:18

China's First Intangible Cultural Heritage Park Opens in Beijing

A park focusing on the innovation and development of intangible cultural heritage opened in Beijing on June 28, the first of its kind in China.

Source:|2019-07-02 10:00

Artifacts about Overseas Chinese Donated to National Museum

May our old folk tunes and our new songs that blend the harmonies of East and West be another bond between free peoples, wrote Madame Sun Yat-sen (Soong Ching Ling) in a preface to the release ofChee Lai: Songs of New China in 1941.

Source:|2019-07-01 10:06

Experts trace Chinese Cultural Origins in Ancient Yangzhou and Beyond

Launched by the Traditional Chinese Culture Research Center at Renmin University, a group of experts in archaeology, history and cultural promotion went to Jingbian county in Northwest China's Shanxi province from June 16 to 19 to discover and study mater

Source:|2019-06-28 15:19

China's BRI Boosts Cultural Exchange, Mutual Understanding among Participants

China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) greatly contributes to boosting cultural interaction and exchange as well as mutual understanding and respect of differences among participants, a Chinese scholar told Xinhua in an interview.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-27 11:30

Over-400-yrs-old Coffins on the Cliffs Remain Intact after Quakes in Sichuan

Mysterious coffins high up off the ground, a historical and cultural heritage with hundreds of years of history in Southwest China's Sichuan province, remain safe and sound after the recent earthquakes.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-26 11:59

Chinese Folk Culture Tour to ASEAN Launched

The Chinese Folk Culture Tour to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was launched at the ASEAN Secretariat recently.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-25 11:57

Unique Project Uses Ancient Painting to Forge Closer Bonds

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains by Huang Gongwang from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) is one of China's best-known ancient paintings.

Source: China Daily|2019-06-24 11:35

24 Solar Terms: 6 Things You may not Know about Summer Solstice

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Summer Solstice (Chinese: 夏至), the 10th solar term of the year, begins on June 21 this year and ends on July 6.

Source:|2019-06-21 14:08

China Hosts Conference to Promote AI Ethical Standards

China is keen on ensuring that ethical standards take hold in the booming artificial intelligence industry, says Chen Xiaoping, director of the Robotics Lab at the University of Science and Technology of China.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-19 10:45

Expats Experience Chinese Cultural Heritage in Beijing

To further introduce China's natural scenery and cultural heritage to foreign visitors, a cultural salon was organized in Beijing's Haidian district on Saturday.

Source:|2019-06-18 10:01

Beijing Art Exhibition Marks Progress in Tibet

More than 70 works of fine art are currently on show through June 19 at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing, marking the 60th anniversary of democratic reform in Tibet autonomous region.

Source:|2019-06-17 10:26

Heritage Celebrated Nationwide

More than 3,200 activities were held across China to celebrate this year's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on the second Saturday of every June.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-14 11:29

Bilingual Books Aim to Explain Peking Opera to Foreign Audience

A series of books in Chinese and English covering eight classic works of Peking Opera were recently released, with the aim of revealing details about the art form in a straightforward way.

Source: China Daily|2019-06-13 11:36

Egypt's Chinese Cultural Center Organizes Symposium on Chinese Tourism

The Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo held a symposium titled Tourism Bridge of Communication between People: Egypt and China as a Model on Sunday night.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-12 11:25

China Stages Series of Activities on Cultural, Natural Heritage Day

More than 3,200 activities have been staged across China to celebrate this year's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on the second Saturday of every June.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-11 11:31

Environment Created for 'Blossoming' of Culture

An intangible cultural heritage fair - which showcases 40 items on UNESCO's World Intangible Cultural Heritage List - started in Guangzhou on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2019-06-10 13:47

New Rules to Help Local Governments Plan Cultural, Tourism Development

China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism published a guideline for local governments on planning the development of cultural sectors and tourism, a ministry statement said Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-06 10:26

Dragon Boating Offers Foreign Students a Window into Chinese Culture

More than 1,000 foreign students from 29 local universities participated in this year's Shanghai International Students Dragon Boat Race on June 1.

Source:|2019-06-05 10:07

Many Events Planned Nationwide to Mark Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

Cultural events will be held on June 8 all over China to celebrate Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Source:|2019-06-04 10:10

95 Ancient Tombs Found on Tsinghua University Campus

A total of 95 ancient tombs have been discovered on the campus of Tsinghua University, a prestigious university in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2019-06-03 09:45

Cultural Heritage Shows Gearing Up

A number of cultural activities are ready to open to the public to celebrate the approaching national Cultural and Natural Heritage Day on June 8, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Thursday.

Source:|2019-05-31 11:08

Beijing's Culture Trade Expands Steadily

Beijing's culture trade reported steady growth in 2018 with its foreign trade volume up 17.5 percent year on year, according to the ongoing 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Service.

Source: Xinhua|2019-05-30 12:06

Chinese Artwork from Vatican on Show at Palace Museum

For people who are familiar with Leonardo da Vinci's painting The Last Supper, the version being exhibited at the Palace Museum in Beijing may look familiar yet peculiar.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-29 13:41

China-EU Literary Festival Promotes Cultural Exchanges

A series of celebrations of the literary world between China and the European Union kicked off in Beijing last week, and will continue with 90 literary talks and workshops scheduled to take place through June 5 in four bookstores.

Source:|2019-05-28 14:00

Belt and Road Cultural Events to Open in Beijing

Cultural events can be a catalyst for building cooperative platforms for people and organizations in Belt and Road countries.

Source:|2019-05-27 11:14

Retrieved Stolen Relics to be Displayed in North China

North China's Shanxi province, an area rich in cultural relics, will open the Shanxi Bronze Museum in July, with exhibits mainly sourced from stolen antiques recovered by police.

Source: Xinhua|2019-05-24 09:54

Experts Call for Prudence, Coordination in Grand Canal Heritage Protection

Chinese experts have called for prudence and coordination in protecting and developing the heritage of the Grand Canal, the world's longest man-made waterway.

Source: Xinhua|2019-05-23 09:43

24 Solar Terms: 6 Things You May not Know about Grain Buds

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Grain Buds, (Chinese: 小满), the 8th solar term of a year, begins on May 21 this year, and ends on June 5. It means that the seeds from the grain are becoming full but are not ripe

Source:|2019-05-22 10:26

Arts Festival Looks to Future, with an Eye on the Past

There's a genre to please every art lover - from dance and stage drama to folk opera - at the 12th China Art Festival, which officially opened on Monday in Shanghai.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-21 10:07

Chinese Museums Receive 16% More Visits in 2018

The number of visitors to museums across China increased by 16 percent year-on-year to reach 1.13 billion in 2018, said Liu Yuzhu, chief of the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA), on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-05-20 10:10

Film Week Attracts Big Talent from China and across Region

Asian Film and TV Week kicked off on Thursday, bringing together more than 100 celebrities from some 10 countries for the launch at the Beijing Working People's Cultural Palace.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-17 11:39

Carnival to Showcase Asian Arts, Performances

More than 30,000 people from China and abroad will join in the Asian Cultural Carnival, which will be held at the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, on Wednesday in Beijing.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-16 11:30

Yuanmingyuan Team Works Hard to Repair the Past

The floor of an office in Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park is full of broken porcelain pieces that are all lined up. The scene is not an contemporary art installation-the categorized pieces are just waiting for cultural-heritage restorers to find their long-lost b

Source: China Daily|2019-05-15 11:29

Landmark Exhibition Projects Asia's Cultural Richness

The curtain was raised on a major exhibition at National Museum of China in Beijing on Monday that presents the great wealth and diversity of Asian cultures.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-14 11:22

Shenyang Palace Museum Offers Vsitors Hands-on Experience on Renovation

Tourists to Shenyang Palace Museum in Northeast China's Liaoning province can experience ancient building repair work from Saturday, the museum said.

Source: Xinhua|2019-05-13 14:20

Exhibition Unveils Part of Thangka Scroll Set to Be Completed in Five Years

Since he started learning thangka painting at age 12, Nyangbon, now in his late 40s, and a generation of other artists have dedicated years to the revival of the ancient Buddhist art form.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-10 10:48

Center Set up in Beijing to Protect Traditional Women-only Language

To promote nvshu, a language used by women only, the Nv Shu (Beijing) International Culture Exchange Center was recently established, marking the launch of the Nv Shu Global Exhibit project.

Source:|2019-05-09 15:01

Emperor Qianlong’s Calligraphy on Display in Beijing

Emperor Qianlong's passion for calligraphy and painting is the subject of an ongoing exhibition at the Palace Museum, Wang Kaihao reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-08 11:15

China Tourism and Culture Week to Present 'China Beyond Your Imagination'

Chinese culture centers and tourism offices overseas will host more than 250 cultural and tourism events in over 40 countries from May 15 to June 30.

Source:|2019-05-07 10:10

Adaption of Peking Opera Classic Reinvigorate Tradition

A decade in development, Peking Opera star Zhang Huoding's adaptation of the classic Farewell My Concubine in the Cheng style is nothing short of a dream come true, Chen Nan reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-05-06 11:12

Liuli Art Show Presents Chinese Culture to Americans

An ongoing Liuli (colored glaze) art exhibition in the US city of Costa Mesa in southern California showcases the heritage and innovation of an ancient Chinese craft.

Source: Xinhua|2019-05-05 10:01

Embroiderer Elevates Hami Craft to Haute Couture

Though Ranagul Sopi started learning embroidery in a small village in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, her craftsmanship has taken a magical leap onto the catwalks of the Paris Haute Couture Week.

Source: China Daily|2019-04-30 15:29

China Oracle Bones Calligraphy Exhibition Launched at UN Headquarters

An exhibition on calligraphy art of Chinese oracle bones was launched Wednesday evening at the UN headquarters in honor of the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Chinese oracle bones.

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-29 11:15

Ancient Deer-Shaped Rock Paintings Found in Gansu, China

Archaeologist in Dahe town in Sunan county in Northwest China's Gansu province discovered many ancient rock paintings, including some in deer-shaped pattern, in the Yangkan Gorge and the Yumu Mountain in the Qilian Mountains on April 15.

Source:|2019-04-28 11:24

Artifact Exhibition Retraces Ancient Shandong History

Qi a state that existed from the 11th to the third century BC was a flourishing regional kingdom that boasted political, economic and cultural significance in ancient Eastern China. Its capital city in present-day Linzi, in Shandong province, was known as

Source:|2019-04-26 14:16

Chinese Cultural Relics Returned from Italy Displayed in National Museum

Chinese cultural relics returned from Italy are on display at the National Museum of China in Beijing starting Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-25 11:24

Craftsman Carves out Pages that Tell a Tale of Traditional Skill

Zhao Yishen is bent over, his eyes staring at the woodblock. Holding a chisel in his right hand, he guides it forward steadily and precisely across the woodblock using his left hand.

Source: China Daily|2019-04-24 11:47

Palace Museum Brings Virtual Tour of Forbidden City Hall Nationwide

Chinese audiences nationwide will be able to take a virtual tour of a royal hall in the Forbidden City over the next three years, the Palace Museum said Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-23 11:26

China Arts Festival to Showcase Power of Modern Arts

The 12th China Arts Festival will bring a slew of art activities to the Chinese economic and art hub Shanghai.

Source:|2019-04-22 10:31

National Museum Now Open to Applications for Postdoctoral Positions

The National Museum of China in Beijing is now accepting applications for postdoctoral positions from those who are interested in carrying out studies on the Chinese history, archaeology and museuology, conservation of cultural relics and documentation.

Source:|2019-04-19 11:25

Chinese Cultural Event Kicks off in NE Egypt

Guo Moruo Cultural Week kicked off on Wednesday at the Confucius Institute of Suez Canal University in Ismailia in northeastern Egypt.

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-18 11:42

Old Skill Gets Modern Twist

A handicraft based on Manchu applique art is also helping with poverty alleviation, Wang Ru reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-04-17 11:09

17,000-year-old Pottery Fragments Found in Southern China

Chinese archaeologists have found pottery fragments dating back about 17,000 years in southern China's Guangdong province.

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-16 11:46

China Uses High-tech Measures for Cultural Heritage Protection

China is using high-tech measures, such as satellite remote sensing technologies, in protecting its cultural heritage, according to an official with the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA).

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-15 11:17

Chinese Culture Delights British University in Egypt

The China Cultural Center in Cairo participated in the event with 22 other cultural institutions in Egypt from the European Union, the United States, Iraq, Libya, South Africa and other countries and regions.

Source:|2019-04-12 13:45

Thousands Gather on Holiday to Mark Yellow Emperor's Birthday

Nearly 10,000 Chinese people from more than 40 countries and regions attended a grand ceremony last Sunday morning in Central China's Henan province to worship the legendary ancestor Huangdi, or the Yellow Emperor.

Source: Xinhua|2019-04-11 10:09

34 Movies to be Screened at Film Festival for College Students

The 26th Beijing College Student Film Festival kicked off at the student center of Beijing Normal University on Sunday and will come to a close on April 28.

Source:|2019-04-10 11:01

Palace Museum Director Shan Jixiang Retires

According to a public announcement from the Palace Museum, director and curator Shan Jixiang has retired April 8, succeeded by the director of the Dunhuang Academy, Wang Xudong.

Source:|2019-04-09 09:40

Nation Plays Vital Role in Safeguarding and Showcasing Regional Landmarks

China is playing a key role in protecting and displaying heritage, not only at home but also in the region.

Source: China Daily|2019-04-08 10:23

New Generation Digs Old Values

An online documentary series, now in its fourth season, shows that young people have the time and patience for tradition, Wang Kaihao reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-04-04 09:49

Man Devotes to Preserving 'Vivid' Naxi Culture

The tour guide believes it is his responsibility to pass it down and let more people know about it

Source: China Daily|2019-04-03 09:50

Instruments of Change

Feng Mantian and his band plan a tour to promote his brand of Chinese music, Chen Nan reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-04-02 10:04

Culture City of East Asia 2019 Kicks Off in Xi'an

The Culture City of East Asia 2019 opened in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi province, March 27.

Source:|2019-04-01 10:15

Metal, Lacquer and Clay

Three masters share their thoughts on the development and promotion of traditional handicraft, Wang Ru reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-29 15:02

Collective Memories in the Nation's History

Iconic auteur Chen Kaige clearly remembers the events of Oct 16, 1964, when he was walking home after school in downtown Beijing.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-28 15:36

Hundreds of Cultural Relics to be Returned

Nearly 800 Chinese cultural relics that had been taken overseas will soon set off on their journey home.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-27 16:01

Nanyang,Cradle of Chu Culture

Nanyang, rich in silk in ancient times, had an advantageous geographical location and convenient waterway transportation. Therefore, many merchants gathered here to do business with the merchants from the Western Regions. Lots of materials like documents

Source:|2019-03-26 11:50

First Asian Civilization Forum Coming in May

A conference on Asian civilizations will be held in May in Beijing, Xinhua News Agency reported on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-25 11:16

Mutual Interest Develops in Heritage Restoration

Italian academics share their knowledge to help preserve unearthed ancient relics.

Source: Xinhua|2019-03-22 10:49

24 Solar Terms: Things You May Not Know about the Spring Equinox

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms. The Spring Equinox (Chinese: 春分), as the fourth term of the year starts on March 21 and ends on April 4 this year.

Source:|2019-03-21 10:26

Relics from Qinghai's Rich Trading Past Go on Show

The Capital Museum in Beijing is showcasing an exhibition about the cultural and historical development of Northwest China's Qinghai province, focusing particularly on its close relationship with the ancient Silk Road.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-20 14:10

Guiding the Way It Should be Done

With his online popularity and ever-growing knowledge, Fang Bo is a new face of the Forbidden City.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-19 10:26

NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members Share Views on Conservation of Cultural Heritages

Strengthening the safeguarding and utilization of cultural relics and inheritance of intangible cultural heritages were mentioned in this year's Government Work Report.

Source:|2019-03-18 10:18

China's Biggest Half-Buddha Statue Closed for Maintenance

The Renshou Buddha, China's biggest Buddha statue featuring only the top half of the figure, has been closed for maintenance for the first time since it was built more than 1,300 years ago.

Source: Xinhua|2019-03-15 10:56

Sculpture Exhibition Celebrates Ethnic Unity

The diverse history, life and cultures of China's 56 ethnic groups have long been central to many artists' creations.So, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China this year, the National Art Museum of China is holding an e

Source:|2019-03-14 11:27

Breathing New Life into Old Books

Everyday, 29-year-old Jin Xin restores centuries-old books, a job that seems mysterious to most of his peers.

Source: Xinhua|2019-03-13 13:55

Celebrating Dunhuang Culture with Embroidery

With a love of embroidery and Dunhuang murals, Liu Yao, a young woman from northwest China's Gansu province, has found a way to combine her two passions.

Source:|2019-03-12 11:49

The Culture and Traditions of China's Longtaitou Festival

The traditional Chinese Longtaitou Festival, or Dragon-Head-Raising Festival, falls on the second day of the second lunar month every year, and recognizes the start of spring and farming. This year it falls on March 8.

Source:|2019-03-11 10:21

Lost Chinese Relics Find Their Way Back Home

Cultural items repatriated after raid on US farm

Source: China Daily|2019-03-08 11:30

Fine Collections to be Exhibited as Forbidden City Turns 600


Source: Xinhua|2019-03-07 11:04

US Will Return 361 Rare Artifacts to China

A green couch of glazed pottery from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and pottery animals with a livestock shed from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) are being carefully packed for the trip home to China.

Source: China Daily Global|2019-03-06 11:00

Belgian Students Explore Chinese Culture

Looking at an ink wash painting of the Chinese zodiac, 12-year-old Elizabeth Baxter pointed to the pig sign. This is my Chinese zodiac, she said.

Source:|2019-03-05 11:16

Donation Enables Palace Renovation

In the 720,000-square-meter Forbidden City-the former imperial palace in the heart of Beijing officially known as the Palace Museum-there is a courtyard with a distinctively exotic appearance.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-04 11:15

Survey Shows Europeans Absorb Chinese Culture from Films

Films help Europeans to better understand today's China, as shown through an academic report, which was released by Beijing Normal University on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2019-03-01 10:54

China Pavilion Showcases Chinese Culture in Czech

The lion dance, tai chi, kung fu, a tea ceremony and other traditional Chinese cultural elements were featured at the China pavilion during the 28th Czech Holiday World International Tourism Fair on Thursday.

Source:|2019-02-28 10:28

Ancient Texts Preserved in Tibet's Potala Palace

China plans to spend 300 million yuan ($45 million) over the next 10 years to preserve ancient documents and anthologies at the Potala Palace in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region, the palace's administration office said on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2019-02-27 10:10

Shanghai Theater Academy Art Troupe Tours UK

The Happy Spring Festival - Shanghai Theater Academy Art Troupe, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Shanghai Bureau of Culture and Tourism visited the UK from February 6 to 17, bringing Chinese traditional performance

Source:|2019-02-26 10:34

Egypt's Nile River Hosts Dragon Boat Festival to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Egypt's Nile River hosted on Saturday an international dragon boat festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year, with over 200 paddlers of 24 teams from several states including China, Egypt, the United States, Australia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Source: Xinhua|2019-02-25 16:45

China Cultural Centre in Malta Celebrates Lantern Festival

China Cultural Centre in Malta, together with the Confucius Institute of the University of Malta and the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine, held Chinese Salon Celebrating Lantern Festival event on Feb 19.

Source:|2019-02-22 14:03

Traditional Opera Inspires Overseas Students

Overseas students in Shanghai had the opportunity to experience the glamor of Kunqu Opera during Lantern Festival celebrations held on Feb 19.

Source:|2019-02-21 10:37

Lantern Show with History in Mind Draws Visitors in Chengdu

A museum held a lantern show depicting local farming customs dating back 3,000 years in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, to celebrate the Lantern Festival on Tuesday.

Source:|2019-02-20 10:56

Lantern Festival: A Romantic Celebration in China

The Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It falls on Tuesday this year.

Source:|2019-02-19 10:09

Time for Some Light Entertainment

As the first full moon of the new year approaches, China prepares to celebrate Lantern Festival, Li Yingxue reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-02-18 10:21

China Sees Progress in Revitalizing Traditional Crafts

China has seen progress in its effort to revitalize traditional crafts and turn them into targeted measures for poverty alleviation, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Source: Xinhua|2019-02-15 11:07

Guangzhou Culture Week Gives US a Taste of China

A special event honoring the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States and celebrating the 2019 Chinese New Year was recently held at the Embassy of China in the United States.

Source:|2019-02-14 11:02

Dunhuang's Ancient Tibetan Manuscripts Repaired, Digitalized

Twelve pieces of millennium-old Tibetan manuscripts from the famed Mogao Grottoes have been restored and digitalized, authorities in Northwest China's city of Dunhuang said Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-02-13 10:51

Opera in Hunan Sees Revival during Spring Festival

An old Hunan art form sees revival during Lunar New Year, Liu Xiangrui reports.

Source: China Daily|2019-02-12 11:38

Oroqen Elder's Classes Preserve Ethnic Language

Every Saturday and Sunday morning for the past three months, Wu Xiaodong has waited for her students at the ethnic primary school in Xunke county, Heihe, in northeastern China's Heilongjiang province.

Source: China Daily|2019-02-11 11:47

Festive Snacks for Friends and Family

Spring Festival is a period for reunion among family and friends. Traditionally, this is also the time to relax, and catch up with long overdue visits.

Source: China Daily|2019-02-02 10:18

Old Summer Palace Gate Area being Restored

Officials in charge of the Old Summer Palace in northwestern Beijing have announced plans to refurbish one of the original landmarks of the Imperial Garden which had – until recently – been lost to time.

Source: China Plus|2019-02-01 11:24

Zisha Master Launches New Teapot Designs

Generations of masters have sculpted zisha teapots from a unique clay variety in Jiangsu province's Yixiang for centuries. They're popular not only as quality containers for brewed tea but also for their refined design.

Source:|2019-01-31 10:24

Xi'an and Nanjing Hold Lantern Shows to Celebrate Spring Festival

Xi'an and Nanjing, two ancient cities in China, have been decorated with and illuminated by a large variety of fancy lanterns to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.

Source:|2019-01-30 10:32

Cultural Exchanges with DPRK Stressed

General secretary says such events help implement consensus of two countries

Source: China Daily|2019-01-29 09:49

Culture Insider: Little New Year

Little New Year (Chinese: Xiaonian), usually a week before the lunar New Year, falls on Jan 28 this year. It is also known as the Festival of the Kitchen God, the deity who oversees the moral character of each household.

Source:|2019-01-28 10:15

Great Wall Plan to Protect Giant Relic

Authorities said excessive restoration of the Great Wall will be avoided in the future to help preserve its historical integrity.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-25 11:24

Taiwan Essayist Lin Ching-hsuan Dies at 65

Lin Ching-hsuan, a Taiwan-born writer gaining popularity across the Straits, died at the age of 65, according to Taiwan media.

Source:|2019-01-24 10:46

Maltese Parliament Speaker Attends 'Happy Chinese New Year' Exhibit in Valletta

While attending the opening of the 13th Happy Chinese New Year celebrations in Valletta and the fourth Inspired in China art exhibition by Maltese artists (2018-2019), Anglu Farrugia, the speaker of the Maltese House of Representatives, said on Friday tha

Source:|2019-01-23 11:01

Northern and Southern Intangible Cultural Heritage Meets in Beijing

An exhibition opened at the Overseas Chinese History Museum of China on Wednesday (Jan 16) to welcome the upcoming Spring Festival through the comparative display of intangible cultural heritage from Northern and Southern China.

Source:|2019-01-22 10:11

CAFA Sets up New Research Center to Study Yuanmingyuan Ruins

A new research center has just been set up at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing to boost studies on Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace.

Source:|2019-01-21 13:46

Zhangjiakou Tourism Festival Displays Chinese New Year Culture

With a charcoal fire burning bright and fireworks blooming over the sky, the 2019 International Tourism Festival opened in grand fashion at Yuxian county, Zhangjiakou city in North China's Hebei province on Sunday.

Source:|2019-01-18 13:44

More Cultural and Tourism Events for Happy Chinese New Year

More than 1,500 cultural programs will take place in 396 cities in 133 countries and regions during the upcoming Spring Festival, said Luo Shugang, minister of culture and tourism, during the launch ceremony held Jan 16 in Beijing for the cultural program

Source:|2019-01-17 12:28

Laba Porridge Sweetens Prelude of Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese people start their preparations for the Spring Festival more than 20 days ahead.

Source:|2019-01-14 17:37

Hollywood Blockbusters Look to Chinese Culture

An increasing number of Hollywood producers have in recent years released film posters for Chinese audiences, demonstrating their attention to the country’s film market.

Source:|2019-01-11 15:55

Ru Porcelain Pigs in Henan to Welcome Lunar New Year

Ru porcelain pigs in Henan welcome lunar New Year.

Source:|2019-01-08 16:45

Five Things You May Not Know about Minor Cold

Minor Cold is the 23rd solar term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms.

Source:|2019-01-07 16:47

Traditional Chinese Tunes Fill the Air in South Korea

Chinese musicians staged three folk music concerts in South Korea from Dec 18 to 20.

Source:|2019-01-03 10:15

Top 10 Cultural Events of 2018

Source:|2019-01-02 10:53

Fire-resistant Xuan Paper Developed for Precious Calligraphy Collection

BEIJING -- Today's Chinese artists now have the opportunity to preserve their works much longer than the masters who painted hundreds of years ago.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-29 16:34

From Commonplace Items to Revered Cultural Icons

People in North China are not fearful of the winter cold because most homes are equipped with radiators, underfloor heating systems or central air-conditioning.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-27 15:16

Nine Things about Winter Solstice

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Winter Solstice (Chinese: 冬至), the 22nd solar term of the year, begins this year on Dec 22 and ends on Jan 4.

Source:|2018-12-24 10:55

Six Novels Written by Eryue He

On Dec 15 before dawn, novelist Ling Jiefang, better known by his pseudonym Eryue He, died in Beijing at the age of 73.

Source:|2018-12-18 16:00

Long-lost Cultural Relic Comes Home

A Chinese bronze vessel some 3,000 years old that was looted and taken to the United Kingdom in the 19th century, has returned to its country of origin, officials said.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-14 11:55

Six Things about Major Snow

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Snow (Chinese: 大雪), the 21st solar term of the year, begins this year on Dec 7 and ends on Dec 21.

Source:|2018-12-07 11:51

8th Chinese Opera Festival Held in Paris

French audiences were offered a feast of traditional Chinese operas as the 8th Traditional Chinese Opera Festival in Paris was held in the French capital from Nov 26 to Dec 2.

Source:|2018-12-04 11:48

Traditional Tibetan Bathing Listed as UNESCO Heritage

Traditional Tibetan bathing for health and healing was added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-30 10:36

Chopsticks Do's and Don'ts

Chopsticks, or kuaizi in Chinese, are a pair of small equal-length tapered sticks, usually made of wood, used for eating Asian food.

Source:|2018-11-26 11:57

Seven Things You May Not Know about Minor Snow

Minor Snow, (Chinese: 小雪), the 20th solar term of the year, begins this year on Nov 22 and ends on Dec 6.

Source:|2018-11-22 15:51

Traditional Keepsake Gives Ethnic Group A Lift

For the Zhuang ethnic group in Southwest China, embroidered balls were once keepsakes given by lovers to show their affection.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-21 09:45

Palace Museum Adopts Modern Approaches to Promote Traditional Culture

The Palace Museum has taken new approaches, such as a TV show, music and games, to promote its cultural relics and Chinese traditional culture.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-19 11:21

Shadow Puppets Take the Spotlight

Performances of a fading art form add a special flavor to the Wuzhen Theater Festival, Chen Nan reports.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-12 12:15

Eight Things You May not Know about Start of Winter

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Winter, (Chinese: 立冬), the 19th solar term of the year, begins this year on Nov 7 and ends on Nov 21.

Source:|2018-11-07 09:35

Lao She International Theater Festival Puts Beijing Center Stage

The second Lao She International Theater Festival concluded in Beijing on Nov 1, with a forum focusing on the theme of relationship among the city, its people and theaters.

Source:|2018-11-05 10:58

Kaifeng's Rich Legacy Takes A Bow

The city of Kaifeng in Henan province, which served as a capital during several dynasties, is rich in cultural heritage.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-01 09:31

The Chinese Wisdom of Dividing Time

For the Chinese people, one of the remarkable cultural events staying in their memories in the year 2016 is probably the 24 Solar Terms recognized as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Source: CGTN|2018-10-29 09:49

Eight Things about Frost's Descent

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Frost's Descent, (Chinese: 霜降), the 18th solar term of the year, begins this year on Oct 23 and ends on Nov 6.

Source:|2018-10-23 10:06

Double Ninth Festival: Ancient Tales and Modern Customs

Wednesday marks the traditional Double Ninth Festival in China.

Source: CGTN|2018-10-18 14:35

Chinese Way to Have A Warm Autumn

Though people have been connecting autumn with misery and loneliness since ancient times, I believe the season is better than spring, Liu Yuxi, a renowned poet from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), said in his poem Words of Autumn.

Source:|2018-10-16 09:30

Battle Cold Dew Season with Chinese Pastry

Cold Dew season gets its name from the dew which is about to become frost as the weather begins to get chilly.

Source: CGTN|2018-10-09 09:42

Eight Things You May Not Know about Cold Dew

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Cold Dew, (Chinese: 寒露), the 17th solar term of the year, begins this year on Oct 8 and ends on Oct 22.

Source:|2018-10-08 11:04

Design Contest Brings beauty of Chinese Characters to Foreigners

The six-month-long global youth design contest focusing on Chinese characters concluded with a grand award ceremony at the 77 Theatre in Beijing on September 28, 2018.

Source:|2018-09-30 10:55

24 Solar Terms: 8 Things You May not Know about Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox lies at the midpoint of autumn, dividing autumn into two equal parts.

Source:|2018-09-25 15:29

Traditions You May Not Know about Mid-Autumn Festival in China

Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival in China after Chinese New Year.

Source:|2018-09-21 12:19

Stamp Issued to Mark Mid-Autumn Festival

China Post issued a set of stamp to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept 15. The set, designed by Cui Jingzhe, comprises one stamp and has a nominal value of 1.2 yuan (around $0.2).

Source:|2018-09-19 10:16

Culture Insider: Teachers' Day in ancient China

Culture Insider: Teachers' Day in ancient China

Source:|2018-09-17 10:06

24 Solar Terms: 8 Things You May Not Know about White Dew

White Dew, (Chinese: 白露), the 15th solar term of the year, begins this year on Sept 8 and ends on Sept 22.

Source:|2018-09-10 10:17

Martial Arts Center Conjures Kung Fu 'Magic'

The southwestern US state of New Mexico boasts its stuccoed constructions, among which one building stands out.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-07 10:01

Culture Plays Its Part in Friendship

More than 20 participants from seven African countries demonstrated Chinese martial arts at a gala on Monday night welcoming African leaders to the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-05 10:26

Performance Brings Traditional Arts to Chongqing Campus

A group of 21 students from Chongqing University recently performed on campus in the Peony Garden to promote traditional arts among young people.

Source:|2018-09-03 11:12

Sanmenxia Culture Keywords

Sanmenxia is a prefecture-level city that sits along the middle reaches of the Yellow River, which connects China's central plain with the Northwest, an area that is bestowed with scenic landscapes.

Source:|2018-08-30 10:18

End of Heat: Things you Shouldn't Miss

The End of Heat, or Chu Shu in Chinese, is the 14th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar.

Source:|2018-08-27 09:24

Ancient Tale of Love in Qixi Festival

Chocolates and shopping sprees aside, lovers across the country last week celebrated the Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, in the traditional way as well as with romantic photography.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-23 09:04

Nanyang Steamed Dishes

Nanyang steamed dishes, good in color, aroma, taste and shape, have high nutritional value.

Source:|2018-08-22 09:55

Porcelain Peonies Shine in Luoyang

Peony porcelain, a unique variety of firing porcelain in Luoyang, reflects a combination of peony imagery with Chinese porcelain culture.

Source:|2018-08-20 12:04

Culture Insider: Qixi - the Chinese Valentine's Day

Source:|2018-08-17 15:26

Multi-religious Culture in Nanyang

Religious culture in Nanyang goes back to ancient times. Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism are widespread in Nanyang.

Source:|2018-08-15 12:25

Si Muwu Square Vessel - The Largest one in the World

Summit of Ancient China's Bronze vessels unearthed in Yin Ruins, including sacrificial vessels, musical instruments, weapons, daily used instruments, decorations and art articles, formed ancient China's history of civilization.

Source:|2018-08-13 09:59

24 Solar Terms: 9 Things about Start of Autumn

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Autumn, (Chinese: 立秋), the 13th solar term of the year, begins this year on Aug 7 and ends on Aug 22.

Source:|2018-08-08 10:08


Hulatang is a kind of Chinese traditional soup created in Henan Province but became popularised in the cuisine of Shaanxi Province. Chinese immigrants have introduced it to the United States, where it is known as spicy soup.

Source:|2018-08-01 10:15

24 Solar Terms: 7 Things You May Not Know about Major Heat

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Heat, (Chinese: 大暑), the 12th solar term of the year, begins this year on July 23 and ends August 6.

Source:|2018-07-26 10:05

A Taste of Culture

Students of the Confucius Institute in different countries get a flavor of China through summer camps in Beijing, Xing Wen reports.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-25 15:26

A Chinese Craftsman's Devotion to Ru Porcelain

Ru porcelain, one of the five great porcelain varieties from the Song Dynasty (960-1127), is distinguished by its smooth and refined sky blue glaze. Fewer than 100 complete specimens of Ru ceramics are believed to exist today, mostly in museums in China

Source:|2018-07-23 09:46

This is China: The Secrets of Tai-chi

Tai-chi is one of the many branches of Chinese Wushu, the broad term applied to the country’s various forms of martial arts.

Source: CGTN|2018-07-23 09:33

Tanghe Special: Tanghe Prepares to Commemorate Philosopher

Culture is the main strength of, and attraction to, many cities in China. One county's unique charms are based on a philosopher who will not be forgotten.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-19 10:27

Zhang Zhongjing Medicine Culture Festival

From Sept 20 to Oct 10 every year, the Zhang Zhongjing Medicine Culture Festival is celebrated in Nanyang, the capital of traditional Chinese medicine in China.

Source:|2018-07-17 13:40

Shanzhou Silo-cave Listed as Provincial Cultural Industry Demonstration Base

Shanzhou Silo-cave in Sanmenxia was recently listed as a provincial cultural demonstration base by the Cultural Department of Henan Province.

Source:|2018-07-16 09:36

Dushan Jade: One of China's Best Known Jades

Dushan Mountain, eight kilometers away from the north of Nanyang downtown area, is quite abundant in jade and ranks first in terms of its output, among China's four most famous jades.

Source:|2018-07-13 09:51

Rediscovering China's Early Civilization

Driving through Anyang's wide, dusty boulevards, you'd wonder why anybody would visit.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-12 16:44

A Craftsman's Passion for Creating Cloth Tigers

Lei Zhichao, a 54-year-old farmer from Huaiyang county of Henan province, is an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, who has been obsessed with creating cloth tigers for decades.

Source:|2018-07-11 15:45

Dietary Customs of Nanyang

Food with wheat flour as major ingredients.

Source:|2018-07-10 16:26

To Experience the Central Plains Culture with Music Ritual Zen Shaolin

A music ritual entitled Zen Shaolin is staged in the Daixian Valley of the Songshan Mountain, near the Shaolin Temple in Central China's Henan Province.

Source:|2018-07-09 16:55

Man Paints 700 Peking Opera Masks in 50 Years

An 85-year-old man in Zhangjiakou, North China’s Hebei province has been painting Peking Opera facial masks for more than 50 years.

Source:|2018-07-03 14:44

Henan Opera

Henan Opera is commonly called Henan Bangzi. The name of Henan Opera began to be used after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Henan Opera is popular among the provinces or regions of Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Hubei, Ningxia,

Source:|2018-06-28 16:06

Quju Opera from Mianchi Makes A Stir in Beijing

The Quju opera Son of Mountains, designed by an opera troupe from Mianchi county in Sanmenxia, Henan province made an impressive entrance in Beijing on June 23.

Source:|2018-06-27 09:55

Couple in Henan Stick to Folk Art 'Ninigou'

Huaiyang county in Central China's Henan province, with its long history and profound culture, is the birthplace of ninigou, an art style translated literally as muddy dog.

Source:|2018-06-26 13:09

Artist Uses Paper-cutting to Tell Mulan Story

A Chinese artist incorporates traditional craft into a new book about the legend of Mulan that has made a splash overseas. Mei Jia reports.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-25 14:11

Food Fresh from the Middle Plains

Yuxiang Yuan may not be well-known among expatriate diners in Beijing but it is a restaurant that deserves to be bookmarked if you want to experience what Henan food is like.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-25 13:58

Ancient City's Peonies Bring in A Pretty Penny from Home and abroad

Luoyang, China's city of peonies, exported 17 million yuan ($2.68 million) worth of the flowers in 2017, official data show.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-25 13:42

Preserving Traditional Bian Embroidery

Bian embroidery, with a history of 800 years, originates from the Northern Song Dynasty. The world-famous folk art is characterized by lucid and lively color and tight needlework.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-21 15:07

Crossroads of Cultures

The rulers of the Northern Wei Dynasty created the Yungang Grottoes as a way to unite China's war-torn ethnic groups under Buddhism.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-21 14:41

Suspended in The Sky

Xuankong hanging temple at Hengshan Mountain in Shanxi is one of China's most stunning examples of ancient architecture. Sun Ruisheng and Li Yang reports

Source: China Daily|2018-06-21 14:26

Culture Insider: Children's Games in Ancient China

During ancient times, children didn't have smart phone, iPad or computer to entertain them. Instead, they came up with interesting games to play in their childhood. Let's take a look.

Source:|2018-06-21 11:54

Treats for Your Inner Dragon

Tasty rice dumplings with local variations in fillings have been a tradition of China's Dragon Boat Festival for centuries, the China Daily team reports.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-20 15:31

Chinese Festival Going Global with Dragon Boats

The Dragon Boat Festival was celebrated among overseas Chinese communities worldwide over the weekend with the specialty food Zongzi, but not necessarily a dragon boat race, both widely seen as its logos.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-20 15:19